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If you have a caring spirit and like to take an active role in helping others, you possess two characteristics that are essential to join our caregivers.  Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton, CA is a leading provider of in home care for seniors in the Tri-Valley area. Our caregivers are the backbone of our in home care, providing the care we are both nationally and locally recognized for.


What our Caregivers and Home Helpers have to say...


"Hi, my name is Nicole K. and I am a proud Comfort Keeper. My journey began twenty years ago when I was a nurse’s aide for a sweet elderly woman. From that experience I learned the value and importance of providing personable care for those in need. What I like most about being a Comfort Keeper is the fact that I am lucky enough to meet so many wonderful interesting people. I enjoy talking to my clients about their lives (past & present), their families, their hobbies and anything else they might want to talk about. What I enjoy about helping others are the smiles I receive while providing care. I am personally gratified in knowing that giving my undivided attention to a client is sometimes all that is needed in order to brighten their day. So for me providing excellent compassionate care embodies what it truly means to be a Comfort Keeper and I am very proud of that!" 


"I enjoy being a caregiver simply because I love being able to help people. Being a caregiver to me means I am able to come into someone's life and make a significant difference and that itself is a very rewarding experience. It is always a fun to learn about different things from different people. Each individual that I have met has a different story to tell, and I always feel appreciative whenever they open up to me & share little pieces of their life. After getting to know them, I always feel like I've made a friend and for that reason I love what I do even more."



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