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Elder Care Recipes: Tasty Twists on Oatmeal

Jul 30, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Oatmeal is a popular choice for breakfast because it is filling, keeps you satisfied, and promotes healthy digestion. While just a bowl full of the tasty oats with some milk and sugar is a great way to enjoy this power-packed breakfast, there are many delicious variations that keep your breakfast staple interesting so you, your aging loved ones, and even their elderly health care services provider are more likely to keep up with eating a good breakfast at the start of every day. Read Article

Coping with Guilt in Your Caregiver Journey

Jul 24, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Every caregiving relationship is different, but one thing that the majority of caregivers experience is guilt. Being a caregiver means having to find a way to divide your time between the needs of your elderly loved ones and the needs of your children, spouse, and career. Read Article

Alzheimer’s Support Group - San Ramon, CA.

Jul 23, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Do you have a loved one suffering from the effects of Alzheimer’s? The progressive memory loss can be a truly difficult time for all involved. Anyone who knows or cares for victims of Alzheimer’s can get information on how to help them through this difficult time in life. One local resource is the San Ramon Senior & Community Center, located at 9300 Alcosta Blvd., in San Ramon, California. Read Article

Senior Care Tips: Streamlining Your Daily Routine during Simplify Your Life Week

Jul 16, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Embarking on a senior care plan with your elderly loved ones is a wonderful way for you to show your love and concern for them, and make sure that they receive the level of care and assistance they need on a daily basis. It can also be stressful as you try to fit all of these new care tasks into your already busy schedule. The first week of August, find ways to streamline your routine and make your life easier during Simplify Your Life Week. Read Article

Caregiver Tips: Protecting Your Skin from Care-Related Challenges

Jul 9, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Being a caregiver means putting your body through difficult demands on a daily basis. From keeping their home clean and neat, to helping them with tasks such as bathing and grooming, to maintaining your own home and providing for your children, your body goes through many challenges, and your skin may be one of the first places you notice the stress. Read Article

4th of July Parade - Danville, Ca

Jul 3, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Join 40,000 others at the annual 4th of July Parade in Danville, California. The annual celebration is the largest single event of the year in the San Ramon Valley. Thousands line the streets stretching from Hartz avenue all the way down San Ramon Valley Blvd. Read Article

Closing the Distance Outside of Your Caregiver Relationship

Jul 3, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Closing the distance that is created between you and the people you love while you are in your caregiver journey takes effort, but it is vital to reducing and managing your stress, warding off feelings of depression and anxiety, and maintaining a sense of your own identity that you can maintain even after your caregiver relationship comes to an end. Read Article

Elder Care Safety: Top Items to Always Have in the Car during the Summer

Jul 3, 2015 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

Summer is a fantastic time to be in an elder care arrangement with your aging loved ones. The warm weather, longer days, and more leisurely lifestyle means that you have plenty of opportunities to plan special activities and quality time with them, and that they can enjoy outings and fun with their elderly health care services provider when you are not with them. Read Article

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