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Elder Care Tips on Holiday Travel

Nov 10, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

If you are planning on traveling during the holiday season, but are also helping to provide elder care to a senior loved one, then there are a few tips you will want to keep in mind in order to make sure the entire travel experience goes well for all involved. Many families choose to travel to see loved ones during the holidays and just because a senior is receiving elder care it doesn’t mean that they can’t also participate in holiday travel.

If you are planning on traveling with your senior loved one this Thanksgiving, here are some travel tips to remember that can help you navigate the entire travel process with ease:

  • If your senior needs a walking aide, consider using a wheelchair in the airport. You can call the airport ahead of time and arrange for someone to pick you up with a wheelchair. Even if your senior loved one doesn’t normally use a wheelchair, this can help prevent extra stress and help prevent seniors from feeling rushed while inside the airport.
  • Give yourself an extra hour in the airport. Rushing seniors will only cause them to feel like a nuisance or as though they are slowing everyone in the group down.
  • Don’t forget that seniors don’t have to take off their shoes or their jacket while going through security.
  • Consider requesting seat assignments with the airline to make sure that your loved one is sitting in a seat that can accommodate their needs.
  • Prepare documentation ahead of time and keep some copies of all of their passports, insurance cards, tickets and driver’s licenses.
  • Bring all of your loved one’s medications as well as prescription information along with you in a carry-on bag, in case their checked luggage gets lost.

Millions of families will be traveling across the country this Thanksgiving. If your travel plans include caring for a senior loved one, keep theses elder care tips in mind. They may just make all of the difference in your holiday travel experience.

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