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Elder Care Tips for Helping Seniors Adjust to a Walking Aide

Oct 7, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

There are many seniors who will need a walking aide at one point or another as they continue to age at home. While this is a relatively normal occurrence for many senior adults, it is also something that many seniors struggle to adjust to. This is why any individual providing elder care for a senior loved one should consider the extra steps that it may take in order to help their loved one adjust to this new mobility aide.

The first and most important thing to keep in mind is patience. It can take a while for any senior to get used to using a walker, cane or wheelchair. This is especially true if the senior is also recovering from an injury or a stay in the hospital. Any elder car provide should try to stay as patient as possible as many seniors may struggle to use their aide, may become frustrated, upset, they may fall or they may want to give up. Typically, with time, all seniors find that their walking aides actually make life much easier, but they can be cumbersome at first or challenging for the senior involved.

It is also important to try to set the senior up for success. Make sure they have the right size of walking aide and that they are always wearing the right footwear, even when inside the home. Go through the home and remove any obstacles that may make using their walking aide more difficult. This can include throw rugs, cords, clutter and certain pieces of furniture.

The easier that it is for the senior to get around the home while they get used to their new mobility aide, the better off they will be. While it may take a little time and a little practice, many seniors find that with the help of their elder care provider, they can easily get used to their new walking aide and use it to regain a sense of safety and independence. 

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