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In Home Care for Seniors- Helping With Dressing

Sep 16, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton

One of the many responsibilities of providing in home care for seniors is to help older adults with their everyday grooming responsibilities. This often includes helping seniors get dressed for the day. While this may seem like a rather simple task, it can actually be one of the more difficult parts of providing in home care for seniors.

Many seniors are uncomfortable with the idea of someone helping them get dressed in the morning, but there are things that caregivers can do to help any senior feel more comfortable with the idea. Here are a few tips for those providing in home care for seniors who want to help their loved ones get dressed each and every day.

  • Let seniors who are able to choose their own clothing have a decision in what they wear. You may need to lay a few options out, but they should feel included in what they are wearing for the day.
  • Always take your time, never rush the senior while helping them get dressed, this will only make them feel more uncomfortable.
  • Make sure they are getting dressed in a place where they have a sturdy wall or piece of furniture to lean against for balance.
  • Try not to stare at the senior when helping them get dressed. It makes many seniors nervous to have others looking at them while they are not clothed.
  • Always talk through the steps of helping the senior get dressed. Explain what you are going to do before you do it, so they know what is coming.

Little tips like this can go a long way in helping both the senior and the care provider during the process. While dressing can be a delicate part of providing in home care for seniors, it is one that can be easier than it seems with a few minor adjustments to how care providers approach this daily task.

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