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Comfort Keepers Discusses In Home Care In Pleasanton, CA

Comfort Keepers offers advice on how to start a conversation regarding in home care.

Beginning the conversation about senior care is often difficult, so we have provided some tips in order to bring up senior care to your senior loved one.  Ideally, have this conversation with other family members and do so at a relaxed time, without putting any pressure on a senior.  In many cases, a conversation about senior care will likely have to be performed on multiple locations in order to receive an affirmative response from your beloved senior.  While having a conversation about in home care is difficult, it is best handled sooner, rather than later, as having a home care provider around increases safety, while allowing a senior to stay in their house without having to worry about moving to a nursing home

When bringing up in home care with a senior, realize that timing is everything.  At the first sign that senior care is likely to benefit a senior, have a conversation with a loved one about the benefits of working with a caregiver.  Family members who wait too long and try to have a conversation about senior care may find that it becomes increasingly difficult.

When bringing up senior care with a beloved senior, do so in a relaxed location so they can be as open-minded as possible.  Ideally, discuss the benefits of in home care and focus on the positive aspects that benefit a senior.  For instance, seniors who aren’t very mobile and don't get out into the community can benefit greatly from the transportation service and Interactive Caregiving that Comfort Keepers provides.  With these services, seniors will again be able to be a part of their community and go to places like Age Well Services in order to socialize with others in Pleasanton, CA.

When discussing in home care with a beloved senior, choose a leader who will be in charge of the conversation and be able to address concerns.  In many cases, having a mock conversation before actually discussing senior care with a senior can highlight issues that may need further clarification.  In this way, all rebuttals should have a logical and concise answer that will eventually be able to convince a senior that senior care will benefit them.  Ideally, have all the information regarding senior care in an easy to understand manner and visually presented to a senior in order to show them the advantages of working with a caregiver.

There are certain aspects to focus on when discussing senior care with your senior loved one.  The most important aspect is safety.  Having a senior care provider who provides assistance in the comfort of home can increase mobility around the house and reduce the chance of accidental falls.  In addition, a home care provider is there to provide companionship and assist with responsibilities that seniors often forget.  With these services, senior care provided by Comfort Keepers is one of the most beneficial care options in the area.

If you would like to learn more about the in home care provided by Comfort Keepers in Pleasanton, CA, please contact us. 

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